Reliability, High Availability & Data Integrity Features
StorPool provides an unmatched level of reliability and high availability for your private and public cloud storage. This is due to its fully distributed shared-nothing architecture and remarkable design. StorPool uses the most advanced replication and end-to-end data-integrity mechanisms on the market. It stores copies of the data on different physical servers and protects your storage from drive, server, or other hardware components failure.
01End-to-end data integrity
StorPool has the most advanced end-to-end data-integrity mechanism on the market today. We have developed a proprietary 64-bit end-to-end data integrity checksum to protect our customer’s data.
02Backup and recovery
StorPool offers a number of backup mechanisms. All users can create periodic snapshots in their primary storage system. Off-site backups and DR are also available through StorPool’s snapshots.
03Distributed, shared-nothing architecture
StorPool’s storage architecture ensures no single point of failure. The storage architecture gurantees its continous work even if a component fails.
04Automatic recovery
StorPool handles transient drive failures by re-testing and putting it back in the cluster, thus saving time and headaches for the operations teams.
05In-service software upgrades
Upgrades between major or minor releases are non-service affecting and do not interrupt end-user operations, thus can be performed at any time.
StorPool volumes can be attached and read/written at multiple clients at the same time. This is useful to clustered, shared-storage file systems.
07Three-way synchronous replication
Your storage solution provides a triple data replication, which guarantees your data safety and durability. The system continues smooth work even in case of simultaneous drive failures or silent data corruptions occur.
08Single VLAN
The network topology and configuration ensure that the system continues to work in most network failure scenarios. This allows for network problems to be fixed without affecting the system.
09Online configuration changes
Most system parameters can be changed on the fly without affecting the running system. Тhis is giving great flexibility while using the storage.
10Networking protocol for max. throughput & low latency
The network protocol for StorPool is designed in-house, with storage operations in mind, allowing it to guarantee extremely low latencies and full utilization of the network.
11Network redundancy
StorPool transparently utilizes two network ports, handling failures in a seamless way that is not dependent on any extra network configuration or complexity.
12Fault sets
The system allows marking a set of nodes that are together in a “fault set”. Any fault stores a maximum of one copy of the data. This allows the “fault set” to stop without affecting the rest of the system.
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