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Secure and universally usable storage operating systems from Open-e and Persy Stinger
01Guaranteed data protection
Data is your most important resource. PERSY STINGER SERVER, based on Open-E JovianDSS includes data protection mechanism. Automatic and scheduled multi-layer data integrity checks ensure data consistency, while unlimited Snapshots and Clones make it easy to implement a disaster protection strategy and to instantly roll back to a previous point-intime. At the same time a scheduled self-healing mechanism fixes malfunctions and automatically restores full data redundancy in the system. Even when a disk fails, the sotiware-based spare function offers one disk to several RAID arrays, saving you money on extra hardware without compromising data safety.
02Flexible scalability
PERSY STINGER SERVER will let you experience unlimited flexibility and minimize unappreciated downtime. Open-E JovianDSS използва JovianDSS uses a 128-bit file system that includes unlimited snapshots for easy backup, unlimited clones for easy duplication, unlimited capacity with volume sizes up to one ZetaByte, as well as unlimited amount of disks which can be increased on the fly without effort by using thin provisioning. There’s no limitations and you may easily control the total cost of ownership and expand your storage infrastructure as data grows.
03Enhanced storage performance
Nowadays, enterprise storage has to provide big capacity; while also being fast, affordable and include reliable support. Exactly what PERSY STINGER SERVER based on Open-E DSS has to offer.
By leveraging capacity optimization technologies and advanced tiered SSD and RAM caching PERSY STINGER SERVER provides an overall efficiency boost and increased cache performance
On toof that, powerful tuning tools allow the system to optimize on I/O heavy databases or high throughput video editing equally well, and predefined profiles save annoying testing time
04Optimal resource utilization
PERSY STINGER SERVER fully utilizes your storage resources thanks to many high-end features included in Open-E JovianDSS. These features are especially crucial when deploying virtual environments. With deduplication and compression you are able to virtually increase your storage size and use thin provisioning to easily grow physical storage capacity without downtime. More efficient use of disk space also allows for longer disk retention periods. Tiered caching will allow to reach high performance values from all disks which can be managed and monitored in PERSY STINGER SERVER. This server fully leverages Hybrid Storage, combining high performance and high capacity at an affordable price.
05Data compression
The Open-E JovianDSS PERSY STINGER SERVER offers data compression for minimizing your storage capacity usage. Smaller data blocks means that the system can read and write quicker, ultimately boosting performance and taking less space on your storage. In PERSY STINGER SERVER you will find resource-friendly compression protocols (lz4) with low system resource utilization at medium compression rates, but also protocols that are able to achieve very high rates for archiving or backup (as gzip-9). Compression in combination with deduplication, virtualization or high availability solutions further reduce acquisition costs, power and cooling costs, and rack space throughout system lifecycle.
06RAM and SSD Cache
PERSY STINGER SERVER based on Open-E JovianDSS works as a tiered storage environment - dramatically speeding up access to frequently accessed files. It uses a caching algorithm to cache “often used” and “recently used” data separately, and provides the best performance for your storage by tiering hot data between RAM and SDD Cache.
As a partner of Open-e, Persy Stinger provide you with the sustainable storage operating systems JovianDSS и DSS V7. They are suitable for:
Backup and Restore
Business Continuity
Cloud Storage
Disaster Recovery
Storage Centralization
Storage Virtualization
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