SC216BE1C-R741JBOD | 2U | ChassisSupermicro SC216SC216

Ideal for Cloud backup, data Replication or High density Archive Storage Applications


The SC216 JBOD storage enclosure Is designed to scale your Supermicro server storage expansion capacity.
In a 2U form factor, it offers twenty-four hot-swappable 2.5" SAS/SATA hard drive bays, without compromising superior cooling capabilities.
The SC216BE2C-R741JBOD model offers two expanders for high availability.
Just install hard drives and use an external SAS cable and connect to a host bus adapter (HBA) on the head node server.

The SC216BE2C-R741JBOD model offers two expanders for high availability

Technical specifications:

2U Storage JBOD Chassis with capacity 24 x 2.5" hot-swappable HDDs bays
Single Expander Backplane Boards support SAS3/2 or SATA3 HDDs with 12Gb/s throughput
4 x Mini-SAS HD ports for Internal / External Cascading Expander Combination for high performance, high availability or high redundancy requirements
1x IPMI port for Remote System Power on/off and system monitoring
Support NTP for time synchronization & RTC battery backup
740W (1+1) 95% efficient Platinum level power supplies
3 x 80mm high efficient hot-swappable fans for best system cooling
Ideal for Cloud backup, data Replication or High desnsity Archive Storage Applications
AOC-SAS3-9300-8E – 12Gb/s 2-external ports SAS3 HBA
AOC-SAS3-9380-8E – 12Gb/s 2-external ports SAS3 RAID Controller

The chassis is equipped with a redundant, efficient power supply for outstanding power savings, with specially designed optimized cooling. Quick release, tool-less slide rails are availаble for quick installation

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