Infortrend GS-4024 Gen2 Powerful Unified Storage Performance and ReliabilityInfortrend GS-4024 Gen2GS-4024

GSa is a unified storage system that supports both block and file-level applications, and incorporates Infortrend’s unique block-device design and highly reliable RAID technology to deliver powerful performance and reliability.

GS-4024 Gen2Features:

Powerful Unified Storage Performance and Reliability
Optimized SSD Performance with Low Latency
High Availability with Redundancy
EonOne—an Easy-to-use Interface
App Store on Docker
Rich Selections of Host Interfaces
Cache Backup Module (CBM) to Prevent Data Loss
Modular Design to Lower Maintenance Complexity
01Optimized SSD Performance with Low Latency
GSa family provides optimal SSD performance with low latency and extensive SSD lifespan, and can handle more than 700K IOPS for random reads with a response time of less than 0.5 milliseconds. It is ideal for demanding enterprise workloads such as database, virtualization, VDI, Microsoft Exchange, and media/entertainment—related applications.
02High Availability with Redundancy
GSa line of all-flash arrays are designed with no single point of failure technology (redundant controller hardware) for redundancy and include our enhanced firmware with Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) and SSD lifespan monitoring features to ensure data availability.
03EonOne—an Easy-to-use Interface for Storage Management
EonOne offers easy-to-use and web-based management interface that can be operated remotely via web browser, reducing the storage management complexity. Its intuitive interface design allows centralized management of multiple systems, monitoring of performance and capacity usage, and completion of all system—related configurations.
04App Store on Docker
A Software Platform Allows User to Run and Manage Applications. The App Store features templates for various Docker container images—artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), video surveillance, and much more. A template specifies a Docker container image along with preset parameters of the execution environment. By using a template, you can quickly deploy and run a Docker container with little fuss.
05Cache Backup Module (CBM) to Prevent Data Loss
When unexpected power failures occur, Infortrend CBM will kick-in and use the backup power to store cache data to flash module and prevent potential data loss. Once external power is back on, the data in the flash module will then be restored to drives. CBM can effectively reduce data loss.
06Modular Design to Lower Maintenance Complexity
GSa family offers the modular design of the power supplies, fans, controllers, host boards, and other storage components to lower maintenance complexity. If any module fails, Enterprises can simply replace with a functional one. Coupled with quick technical support and RMA services, your storage system is well-protected from any down time, resulting in better productivity and reliability.

Technical Specification:


Single, dual redundant, or single upgradable to dual redundant

Cache Backup Technology

Super capacitor + flash module (option for single controller model)

Cache Memory

Single controller: default DDR4 8GB, up to 256GB
Dual redundant controller: default DDR4 16GB, up to 512GB

Onboard host ports:

10GbE (SFP+) × 8 12Gb/s SAS × 4
Host board options: 16Gb/s FC × 4; 32Gb/s FC × 2 or 4; 10GbE (SFP+) × 2; 25GbE (SFP28) × 2; 40GbE
(QSFP+) × 2; 12Gb/s SAS × 2

Drive Interface

12Gb/s SAS

Supported Drives

2.5″ SAS or SATA SSD

Supported Drives

2.5″ SAS or SATA SSD
2.5″ 10,000 or 15,000 RPM SAS HDD
3.5″ 7,200 RPM Nearline SAS or SATA HDD

RAID Option

RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5/5F, RAID 6/6F, RAID 10, RAID 30, RAID 50, RAID 60

Form Factor

4U 24-bay


GSa offers versatile host interfaces: 8Gb/s FC, 16Gb/s FC, 32Gb/s FC, 1Gb/s iSCSI, 10Gb/s iSCSI, 40Gb/s iSCSI and 12Gb/s SAS. Enterprises can choose according to their needs. Furthermore, 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE and 40GbE ports are also offered for fast and reliable data sharing and transfer in network environments

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